About Me

My name is Daisy Fryer. I have worked in education for eighteen years. I started as an instructional assistant at an elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina. When my school needed someone to teach technology classes, my principal offered me the job and I jumped at the chance. I taught K-5 computers. I worked hard to integrate my lessons with what students were learning in the classroom. During this time I also went back to school to earn my teaching certificate for elementary education. When I graduated, I got a job teaching 3rd grade. It was December when I graduated so I took over a class in the middle of the year. That was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I followed my principal to a new school the following year and taught there for 7 years while earning my Master's Degree. We tried a lot of approaches to boost student performance (some of which I agree with and some I don't). We did a lot of switching classes. During my last 3 years we departmentalized. This is how I became focused on math and implemented a Guided Math Workshop (before I had actually ever heard the term). I became a math teacher during our first year of departmentalizing and stuck with it. I loved that it gave me the opportunity to focus on math and develop better ways of teaching math skills.

I eventually had to resign from my teaching job to move back to Michigan to be closer to my family. Both my parents and my husband's parents were having health issues. I live in a small town where teaching jobs are rare. The town used to have 4 elementary schools, now there is 1. I haven't left education though. I volunteer at an elementary school and I have a job working at a National Monument from April to October. I am in charge of creating, scheduling and presenting programs field trips for local schools and organizations. I also run a free summer environmental education day camp for local children.

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