Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oh Snap! It's Almost November Linky Party

It's almost November already! Don't wait until after Halloween to check out these great November products! Many of them are on sale. I have posted my Turkey Themed Multiplication Bump Game in this Linky. It is on sale for only $1.00. It has 9 different game boards so you can differentiate for your kids students based on what facts they working on. 

BUMP is a fun fast paced game. All you need to play is the gameboard, number cards (playing cards work great just remove the face cards), and 10 snap cubes for each player. Players multiply the number on the card by the factor they are working on. They cover the turkey holding their number with a snap cube. Then it is the next players turn. If an opponents cube is on the product a student gets they can "bump" that cube off. If a player has their own cube on a product they get then they can add a 2nd cube which locks the space preventing a bump. My students love playing this game and it is great multiplication practice!

But that's not all! Check out even MORE great products to help you prepare for November!

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