Sunday, August 16, 2015

Student Reward System Using Coupons

Are you tired of buying junk for your prize box? I hate spending money on toys from the dollar store. I feel like it contributes to our society's obsession with buying possessions. I started using reward coupons in my class. My students like them at least as much as traditional prize box rewards. There is little waste because once the coupons are turned in they can be reused. Another advantage of coupons, is that it takes less time for students to pick what they want. They know what coupons are available and often make their choices very quickly.

How This Works in My Classroom:
I buy a roll of tickets. Students can show earn a ticket by showing responsible or kind behavior such as:
  • getting quiet quickly
  • cleaning up
  • helping someone without being asked
  • completing homework everyday for a week
  • being quiet in the hall
  • keeping their desk clean
  • lining up quickly on the playground
On Friday mornings, I open my store and let the students redeem their tickets for coupons.

How to Make Reward Coupons Work for You:  
1) Choose a few coupons to try in your classroom. See the pictures below for some ideas. I suggest starting off small. You can always add more once your students are used to the procedures. You can also have students suggest ideas for coupons.
2) Use a word processing or graphics program to make the coupons. You can make them by hand but I have had students try to counterfeit them.
3) Introduce the coupons to your students and explain your rules of each one. For example, the "Teacher's Chair" coupon can be used for one class period. I use a "No Homework" coupon that students can use for homework in one subject area. It cannot be used for test reviews or projects.
4) Choose a schedule to open your store.

If you don't want to make your own, you can purchase a set of 24 coupons from my store. For a free sample, click on the Freebies tab at the top of my blog.