Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Design

I am so excited to have my new blog design. Christi at Design by Christi did a great job incorporating everything I asked for. I wanted to use the logo I already have from Surfer Kids Clip Art. Christi added the words around it for my blog button. I love that addition. I needed a blog with primary colors to go with my logo. I never even told her that all my anchor charts are done in rainbow colors from red to purple. So the social media buttons are absolutely perfect for me!  The number background she found for me is just great since this blog is all about math. I know that this blog design is a lot different from the candy color trends right now but what I can I say, I've never been much of a conformist.

I had thought about having a blog designed for a couple years. I decided I better start blogging to see if I liked and would keep doing it. I definitely think I will. I thought I wouldn't have enough to say but I actually have a bunch started. I have more ideas then I thought. I like to start a post when I have an idea and go back and finish it when I have time.

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