Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Top 5 Reasons I Love Digital Task Cards (hosted on Boom Learning™)

Digital Task Cards on Boom Learning are a great addition to any classroom or homeschool.
Students usually love any activity where they get to use technology so naturally they prefer digital task cards to printed ones. Well, I do too! Here are the top 5 reasons why.

5) Boom Cards™ are self checking. Students completing task cards in a center won't be practicing a skill wrong without knowing it. Boom Cards™ give immediate feedback for each question.

4) Boom Cards™ are paper free! No printing, no cutting, and no storing many decks of cards. Simply set up your classroom and assign cards to your students. Easy peasy. If you don't want to take the time to set up a class, that's no problem just use fastplay.

3) Boom Cards™ are now available on Teachers Pay Teachers! How convenient is that? If you have a TPT account you and download any set of Boom Cards™, you can get a free 1 year membership at Boom Learning™. Do you want to see a playable preview? Click here, select any deck and download the preview. Some of the decks included printed and digital versions.

2) Boom Cards™ are versatile. You can use them with any technology center; they work with interactive white boards, tablets or computers.

1) Data! If you assign decks to your students, you get data on every student. In addition to just an overall score, Boom Learning™ graphs tell you which questions each student answered right and wrong. You don't have to do the checking it is all done for you. You will know if your students are staying on task during centers and what skills they need help with!

You can see when a student answered a question correctly (green) or incorrectly (red).
Simply click on on a bar on the graph to see how the student answered the question.

I have created several decks on Boom Learning™. They are easy to make but there are many free or economical decks to download.

Disclosure:  I am receiving renewal of my Boom Learning™ membership for writing and publishing this blog post about Boom Learning™.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Freebie - Word Problem Operation Sort Add or Multiply?

Use this FREE word problem sort to let students show whether to add or multiply to solve the problem. These are great for interactive notebooks or math centers.
We often focus on solving addition vs. subtraction word problems or multiplication vs. division. There are some good reasons to focus on the relationship between addition and multiplication:
  1. It is crucial for students to understand multiplication as repeated addition. We often start teaching multiplication this way but then we let it go once students begin to learn multiplication facts. The relationship is the reason that word problems using addition and multiplication use similar words like combined and altogether.
  2. We need to help students make connections between different curricular units in math. Some of them may seem obvious to us but they are not obvious to our students. 
  3. When we introduce multiplication we often put addition and subtraction on the back burner. It is pretty natural to focus on the new unit we are teaching. Students assume that the word problems they are solving will use multiplication without needing to think about which operation to use. This is harmful when they need to solve a variety of word problems, as often happens in high-stakes testing.  
Use these FREE word problem sorts to let students show whether to multiply or divide to solve the problem. These are great for interactive notebooks or math centers.
I created addition and multiplication word problem sorts to help my students practice solving word problems. Who doesn't need more practice with word problems? Like all my free samples this download stands alone (you can use it without purchasing anything else). The free sort focuses on adding or multiplying multiples of 10 by 1-digit numbers. Click here to get the free download.  To see all my freebies, click on Freebies at the top of the page.

Monday, February 13, 2017

FREEBIE: Multiplication and Divison Word Problem Sort

I just want to take a minute to post a quick freebie. I've had this one in my store for awhile but I haven't done a blog post about it. I just updated it so I figured there is no time like the present. In a recent post I mentioned that I love to use sorts in math class. I developed these multiplication and division word problem sorts to help my students that were struggling with solving word problems. Remember, it is important to practice lots of multi-step word problems too. I find these single-step problem sorts help prepare my students for more complicated multi-step problems.

Use these FREE word problem sorts to let students show whether to multiply or divide to solve the problem. These are great for interactive notebooks or math centers.

You can use them in math notebooks. Notebooks are great to keep a record of work that students can refer back to. It keeps there work in one place so it is not lost. At the end of a grading period or unit it can be fun to have students look back to see all the hard work they accomplished. 
Use these FREE word problem sorts to let students show whether to multiply or divide to solve the problem. These are great for interactive notebooks or math centers.

Or you can use them to make posters. Sometimes you need something to hang up!

Use these FREE word problem sorts to let students show whether to multiply or divide to solve the problem. These are great for interactive notebooks or math centers.
Either way they are a great activity to help students focus on choosing an operation. Cutting out and sorting the problems helps break up the monotony of using worksheets in your math class. I hope this freebie is useful to you. Don't forget to look at the other freebies I have posted on my freebies tab.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gift Card Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the gift card is Mary G. So if you are Mary check your email you should have an email from me with your gift card code. Thanks everyone for participating.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Teachers Pay Teachers 2-day Sale

It's time for a Teachers Pay Teachers sale! These sales are great because you get savings are site-wide. If you use the promo code - LOVETpT - you automatically get 10% off. If the stores you shop at are also throwing a sale you save up to 28%! Click here to start shopping or to get your wishlist ready.
February 7th & 8th

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Monday, February 6, 2017

$10 TPT Gift Card Giveaway

I have a $10 gift card to giveaway before the next Teachers Pay Teachers Sale. The sale is February 7th & 8th. Enter the giveaway below. In the meantime, head over the Teachers Pay Teachers and stock up your wishlist for the sale (and in case you win). May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

7 Reasons to Use Sorting Activities in Math (and a Free Sample)

Students can practice choosing the correct operation when solving word problems using this addition and subtraction sort. Sorts make great activities during math block. They are perfect when students need to discriminate between two possibilities. Here are 7 reasons I like to use them during my math workshop.

1) They make a great assessment tool. You can see who gets it and who doesn't quickly. This can help you plan for the near future.

2) You can make a sort out of almost anything: a set of word problems (like the free sample in this post), shapes, greater than and less than and the list goes on. There are many different sorts for sale that can save you time but you can easily make your own.

3) They lead to great discussions. Have students sort independently or with a partner and then discuss their answers with a larger group. This works out great because you don't waste time talking about the ones everyone agrees on. The places where students disagree make for excellent math discussions and opportunities for students to learn for each other.

4) Sorts can make students slow down and focus on the topic you want. With word problem operations sorts students have to slow down and think about the operation. This brings awareness to the process instead of them just speeding through a set of problems (and using the wrong operation). They are great activities to bring out when students are making careless errors.
5) They can be easily differentiated. You can give ability groups different items or problems to sort. A group of struggling students can work with you while other groups work independently.

6) Sorts are versatile. They are great for math centers or workshop, early finishers or as an entry in math notebooks.

http://bit.ly/2gmehmU  7) Cut and paste activities make work less tedious, provided much needed fine motor skill practice and make good displays for bulletin boards.

Click here of a free sample of the activity in the pictures.
For more freebies click on "Freebies" at the top of this page.